Blur Together

A surreal comedy about a couple

lost on the canals of Berlin.

Format: Feature Film

Status: Post Production


Mom's Missing

A family comedy with a crime-story twist.  (10 x 30)

Format: TV / Streaming

Status: In development, looking for financing.

A comedy about a group of people of colour trying to find their place in an extremely white world. 

Format: Animated TV series 

Status: In development, looking for financing.


And The Universe Said..."F**k You"

A satirical comedy about a cult, a couple and the impending end of the world.

Format: Limited TV series / Feature Film

Status: In development, looking for financing.


The Dishonourables

A period crime-comedy set amongst the “dishonourable class”  -- executioners, prostitutes, grave diggers, etc. (10 x 30)

Format: Animation - TV / Streaming

Status: In development, looking for financing.

Beyond developing and producing our own original concepts, Reckless Fascination provides consulting in two main areas

1. Offering clear, precise and easy-to-implement guidance at any stage of the development process — from simply offering feedback and creative solutions on existing materials (treatments, pitches, scripts, etc.) to building creative concepts from the ground up.


2. Guiding non-native English speaking production companies, studios and individuals in how to best mould existing creative materials for native English-speaking executives, buyers and audiences. With years of pitching and writing experience in the US and Irish entertainment industry, we know the subtleties and nuances of both the language and the business to help present creatives ideas in the most intriguing and engaging way for the native English-speaking market.







Reckless Fascination was founded in 2020 with a simple mission: to create compelling narrative content that showcases unique, diverse stories with global appeal. Through collaboration with a cross section of storytellers, we produce both original concepts for film, TV and podcasts as well as work with companies and agencies to craft narratives that serve their professional needs.

Our creative philosophy is that the most effective stories, across all mediums, achieve three goals:

• INTRIGUE the audience from the first moment, creating a desire to look closer.

• ENGAGE the audience with characters that feel both exceptional and relatable. 

• INSPIRE the audience to act and think with a broader perspective.








Ciara Gillan is an award winning storyteller. She has produced short films for RTE, The Irish Filmboard and Film Offaly, worked on animated TV series (Peter Rabbit, Garth & Bev), VFX feature films (Brooklyn, Pursuit), podcasts (Accenture, LOLA) and produced content for The History Channel, Mattel, Netflix and S4C. Ciara’s extensive experience in media production has helped her develop a comprehensive understanding of narrative frameworks, providing her with a strong sense of story and a love of being creative. 

Kevin Napier has developed numerous show concepts in the United States for companies such as ABC, NBC, FOX TV, Amazon, and Showtime. He has also created and produced TV pilots both independently in Bengaluru (Bangalore), India as well as in the US for Fox TV and Ben Stiller’s Red Hour Productions. He was also a writer for the FX TV show Married and is presently completing work, as creator/writer and director, on a multiple episode comedy-espionage fiction podcast for Audible USA. 



Ciara produced Rhinos, an award winning short film shot over several days in Dublin. 

Eight portraits.png

Ciara wrote & produced Women on Walls, an eight part podcast series commissioned by RCSI and Accenture.

Brooklyn image.jpg

Ciara was the lead VFX producer on Brooklyn, Oscar nominated feature film. 



Kevin created the concept and wrote the pilot script for Faithless a TV comedy commissioned by Showtime TV.

Kevin wrote on both seasons of Married - A TV situation comedy commissioned and aired by FX. 


Kevin created the concept, wrote and executive produced the pilot episode for The Station commissioned by Fox TV.



StoryKiez (meaning quite literally story neighbourhood) is a space to showcase the things we find interesting, inspiring and funny -- basically, anything we are recklessly fascinated with.

Watch videos, listen to audio & view artwork from us, our family, friends, colleagues & other artists and storytellers that inspire us from Berlin and around the world.  


Operation Cordelia

An espionage-comedy set in the 1970s.  (5 x 60)

Format: Fiction Podcast

Status: Commissioned by Audible U.S., in production.



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