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What is StoryKiez?

At StoryKiez, we begin with the philosophy that writers write best when they’re creatively empowered and passionate about what they’re developing. So, we tap into the enthusiasm and drive of our students and then provide the tools to craft powerful, dynamic stories.

The StoryKiez method integrates exercises and insights from years of professional experience in TV writers’ rooms, long-form improv, and story editing. We put great emphasis on the development “process” where each step requires different approaches and mindsets. How one should creatively explore, structure, and write at the beginning of the storytelling process is very different from how one should explore, structure, and write in the final steps.

The goal is to find the right blend of inspiration, personal connection, and craft to create fresh, exciting stories that deeply connect with one’s target audience. 

Our Courses 

Writing a sitcom pilot

So you have an idea? A concept? Maybe just an interesting character? But how do you turn that into a dynamic, compelling sitcom? In this course, for both new and experienced writers, we show you how to turn the kernel of an idea into a sitcom pilot that expresses your unique vision but in a way that connects with a wider audience. In the class we’ll learn:

  • TV episode story structure – how to craft a story that has momentum and also showcases what’s funny and dynamic about your characters.

  • Creating engaging characters – how to create characters that have distinct, fun personalities and strong “comedic points of view”.

  • Crafting show, season and character arcs – how to lay the foundation for multiple seasons and exciting character journeys, full of growth and dramatic tension, while not losing what makes the show and characters funny and engaging. 

Students will leave the course with a completed pilot (first episode) script for their show as well as a one-page overview of their show and main characters. Those with existing ideas and creative materials as well as those hoping to develop new material are encouraged to enroll.​ 

[Offered in conjunction with Comedy Cafe Berlin]

Your Teacher 


Kevin Napier is a Berlin-based writer/director and co-founder of Reckless Fascination, a production company specializing in genre-blending content with an international focus. He has taught sitcom writing at Princeton University in the U.S. and sold TV show concepts to companies such as ABC, NBC, FOX TV, Amazon, Showtime, Quibi. He also wrote on the FX/Hulu show Married and created/wrote/directed the multiple-episode fiction podcast for Audible, Operation: Cordelia.

He has also created and produced TV pilots both independently in Bengaluru (Bangalore), India and through Fox TV and Ben Stiller’s Red Hour Productions in the U.S. He has taught writing/improv workshops and classes in New York (independently and through The P.I.T. theatre), Berlin (independently and through Die Gorillas Theatre and Comedy Cafe Berlin) and Bengaluru (independently).  

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