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What is Storykiez?

At Storykiez, we begin with the philosophy that writers write best when they’re creatively empowered and passionate about what they’re developing. So we tap into the enthusiasm and drive of our students and then provide the tools to craft narratives that will connect with a wider audience. The storytelling language we teach is best described as a “what happens next” narrative — the types of stories that drive compelling TV shows, movies, audio fiction and popular novels.


Our approach to narrative isn't about learning what kinds of stories you should be telling, but learning how to best communicate the stories you want to tell. Regardless of the topic, there’s simply a way to “speak” that makes you more likely to be understood in the mainstream narrative world. Using those tools, every one of our workshops and classes result in a completed piece of work (treatment, outline, pitch document, script or completed book chapters) designed to further the professional journey of each project.

Our Courses 

Narrative 1: turning an idea into a story

So you have an idea? A concept? Maybe just an interesting character? But how do you turn that into a dynamic, compelling narrative? In this course, for both new and experienced writers, we show you how to turn the kernel of an idea into a story that expresses your unique vision but in a way that connects with a wider audience.


Every StoryKiez class has two goals – a creative one and a professional one.


In this workshop, the creative goal is, first and foremost, to help make writing a fun, inspiring and empowering experience rather than the miserable, soul-sucking slog most of us have found it to be.


We do this by exploring the fundamental building blocks of narrative that apply to everything from TV, movies, novels and video games to dinner party anecdotes and campfire stories in order to see that we already know what makes a good story and use that skill all the time in our daily lives.


As a result, each student is inspired and empowered to craft narratives growing out of their own, unique experiences, backgrounds and points of view in a way that is dynamic and engaging to an audience.


The professional goal is to create a “three-pager” – simply a three page document that gives an overview of your project, whether it’s a TV show, movie, play, novel, memoir or personal story. This three pager can then be used to find collaborators, producers and investors as well as serve as a creative guide to facilitate further development.

Students with existing ideas and creative materials as well as those hoping to develop new material are encouraged to enrol.

Starts: Wednesday 4th May 2022, 19:00 - 21:30

8 weeks until 22nd June

Price: 240 Euros - includes book & course material

Location: Kreuzberg (near the U Gorlitzer Bahnhof) 

Take Away: A “Three Pager” overview of your story and characters that can be shared with collaborators, editors, producers and investors.

Event: An end of class presentation where every student, who wants to, presents their three-pager to a receptive audience of friends and family. This will be in person. (Event date and location TBC).

crafting an engaging pitch

Most writers hate it, but pitching is an essential skill for storytellers. This course teaches you to not only communicate the essence of your story in a way that leaves the listener wanting to know more but also how to enjoy yourself while doing it!


A clear, exciting pitch is one of the most important tools to move your project to the next level. 

As with every StoryKiez class, there are two goals – a creative one and a professional one.


The creative goal is to help the student become more comfortable pitching (and maybe even enjoy it!) by demystifying the process. By the end of the class, students should no longer view pitching like oral exams in school but more like sharing with your friends the details of a life changing trip you’re about to embark on.


The professional goal is to craft a tight, entertaining and engaging 5-7 minute pitch. An effective pitch doesn’t get lost in the details but exudes your excitement about the project and entices the listener to want to know more.

Starts: Tuesday 10th May 2022, 19:00 - 21:30

6 weeks until 14th June 

Price: 200 Euros 

Location: Comedy Cafe Berlin (Neukölln) 

Take Away: A pitch document (three to six page document that serves as a guide for a spoken pitch).

Event: An end of class pitch party – where every student, who wants to, pitches their idea to a receptive audience of friends, and family. This will be in person. (Event date and location TBC).

Your Tutor 


Kevin Napier is a Berlin-based writer/director and co-founder of Reckless Fascination, a production company specialising in genre-bending content with an international focus. He has sold TV show concepts in the United States for companies such as ABC, NBC, FOX TV, Amazon, Showtime and, yes, even the short-lived streaming platform Quibi as well as wrote on the FX TV show Married. He has also created and produced TV pilots both independently in Bengaluru (Bangalore), India and through Fox TV and Ben Stiller’s Red Hour Productions in the U.S. He has taught writing/improv workshops and classes in New York (independently and through The P.I.T. theatre), Berlin (independently and through Die Gorillas Theatre and Comedy Cafe Berlin) and Bangaluru (independently).  He recently completed work, as creator/writer and director, on a multiple episode comedy-espionage fiction podcast for Audible U.S. and is in post-production on his first feature film as writer/director. 

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